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How Many People Die Because Of Cancer Every Year

Every year people are dying because of cancer and the reason behind it is lack of proper treatment. There is a rise in the number of cancer patients in recent years. A cancer patient has to suffer a lot because its treatment is expensive and the patient has to bear pain while the chemotherapy. According to the stages, patients have suffered. Cancer is spreading like plaque and there are not so successful ways to stop it. Around 30% of the population is affected by cancer every year. The government has been making strategies to overcome the disease.

Causes of cancer are many and to know the main causes of cancer are discussed below:



Chewing of tobacco can cause cancer and it is dangerous for health. People are aware of the warning mentioned in the pack of tobacco but they don’t usually bother about it. From minor to adults both are chewing tobacco on a large scale.


Smoking causes cancer this thing everybody knows. People smoke 10 to 15 cigarette every day. Smoke which the person inhales gets choked inside the lungs. This smoke is converted into tar which causes cancer.


The genetics problem is also the cause of cancer sometimes. Poor genetics leads to cancer if the body is exposed to such bacteria’s

Different age groups are affected by cancer from kids to adult. Unhealthy lifestyle is also the cause of cancer. In countries where a measure to treat or control cancer is not present, a count of people dying every year is increasing. People who are above the age of fifty are in the top category of death caused by cancer. In some countries, doctors have achieved success in curing cancer.

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Other causes apart from smoking and genetics there is a number of causes which leads to cancer:


Industrial waste:

the waste dumped by the industries into the sea or land causes the toxic chemicals to mix up in water and decay on the land. The chemicals are swallowed by the fishes or creatures in the sea which are eaten by humans. People are affected in many different ways and suffer from cancer in most cases.

Food adulteration:

in the past quality of food was genuine and adorable but as the time passed most food items are being adulterated. Body immunity is effected in a negative way because the lack of nutrients is present in the food because of adulteration. People are prone to such bacteria easily and caught cancer.

Chances of getting affected by cancer can be minimized if you live a healthy lifestyle and put emphasis on eating good quality food. You should not visit the polluted area often and also check the quality of food before having it. Visiting hospitals and getting a full body checkup can keep you notified about the present status of the body. Proper knowledge is being given to people of rural areas about cancer. From elders to minors everybody has to take initiative to overcome this disease.

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